The Family CIO

January 5th 2012

If your life is anything like mine and some of my industry friends, you’ve lost count of all the good-willed and all the, say, despairingly selfless, episodes of computer/electronic rescue.

That’s the past. The family computer guy is all grown up. He has his degree, some professional experience to show for… it’s time for the big seat. House geek wants promotion.

Where are your childhood traces? On paper, in a box somewhere? How long will this apply to babies being born today? Where are you going to store your children’s electronic data? Isn’t it a shame that you don’t have your grandparent’s digital story? Wouldn’t you be lucky if you did?

Oh, PC-fixers of yore, forget not that your able hands work in concert with your keen minds. You know the users, you know what they do wrong and why. You learn, so that they can, somewhat, know. Influence them, once more. Take them, yes, it’s time, beyond viruses.

Exit the family computer guy. Enter the Family CIO.

I ask:

  • Who will direct what will become of your family digital traces after they die?
  • Who will care about electronic safe-keeping of your family’s digital assets?
  • Who will ensure that your family’s online conduct is as safe as possible? That their identities as consciously protected?

Yes, those are voluntarily dramatic, rhetorical, questions. We know, of course, who. The real question spells differently.

How, without your help, will they ever approach these problems? However the market brings them about?

I say this for myself as for anyone who’ll fit the bill: it’s time for the Family CIO to step up.