Societal Computing

November 21st 2011

I wrote a post titled “Why you’ll have to pay attention to Societal Computing”.

It argues that Societal Computing is the next step in our digital society. It’s up on Couture’s blog, Decode + Disrupt.

It’s about a concerto of companies, services, devices, people and institutions that are integrated and connected through their single common denominator: you. [...] It’s when personal computing meets social computing, everywhere. When your computing is integrated with their computing. When we all compute in concert.

Writing this article was a fun experience – Couture edited it (this post has the original title) and illustrated it.

A big thanks to Couture. You should check out other articles on their blog.

Couture – Decode + Disrupt is a qualitative research and business innovation studio with offices in Lisbon and São Paulo, focused on cultural understanding, information curatorship and creative planning.

I look forward to your comments – what do you think about Societal Computing?