Manybots Launched

November 13th 2010

Manybots is a platform that enables you to log and visualize all the activities that you can track; and it’s live!


The idea is to give individuals the tools to start owning the information they produce and use their information to make their life better.

It’s like Peter Drucker, the management guru, said: what’s measured, improves.

You can get started with Manybots right away, or you can grab the code on Github (yes, it’s open source!).

I’m the first to admit that the platform comes ahead of time. Use cases are not evident. Well, that’s exactly the point: to provide the people who ‘get it’ something to start working with.

I look forward to the following months. The objective is to spread the word and foster the development of more applications that capture more activities. The perfect way to start: a community of people, interested in tracking the activities they produce and capable of producing the software and hardware to do it.

Manybots is based on Activity Streams, OAuth and other open tools and practices. Information is structured in a straightforward and universal format that potentiates archiving and analysis (Activity Streams), and it’s super easy to develop and use applications to produce and analyze that information (thanks to OAuth).

Last thursday I gave a talk titled “Activity Streams: Simple sentences, infinite potential” at Codebits 2010 where I outlined my vision of Activity Streams and their role in the future.

I gave the talk in portuguese (there’s a video here, scroll down), but the slides are in english and are up on Slideshare. We made a movie for the occasion, titled “You are the platform (A day with Activity Streams)”.

Hope to see you around the Manybots and Activity Streams worlds.