Prologuer Bot v0.2: Cool new features

March 5th 2008

Prologuer v0.2 is a Jabber/XMPP companion bot for WordPress, meant to be used specifically with the Prologue theme.

It’s written in Ruby using Jabber::Bot, which is built on top of Jabber::Simple, itself built on top of xmpp4r. Prologuer requires a “read” access to a WordPress database to retrieve messages and uses WordPress’ XML-RPC API to post messages. These are configurable with an YAML file (as well as the bot’s Jabber/XMPP credentials).

Prologuer is a working prototype that allows you to post (push) and retrieve (pull) messages from WordPress. It is not a chat bot, since it will not automatically deliver new messages posted by others to you, and is not to be considered production-ready.

Once configured and launched, Prologuer comes online and is made available to all your blog’s registered users that have set their Jabber ID in their profile, excluding users with “subscriber” status, (i.e. with no ‘wp_user_level’ assigned to their ‘user_id’ in ‘the wp_usermeta’ table).

Prologuer speaks 2 Twitter nanoformats: #hashtags and @usernames. Users are able to post and retrieve messages using a particular syntax. Here are two examples:

post Getting ready for the #prologuer release => posts the message and tags it with “prologuer”.

q @alex #prologuer => returns a maximum of 5 messages posted by “alex” (where “alex” is a WordPress username) and tagged with “prologuer”

I’ve created a Prologuer Bot How To as a Flickr Set with 9 screenshots; they show the bot’s full feature-set, which is pretty simple for the moment.

Prologuer can easily be refactored or modified to work with systems other than WordPress, and I’m looking forward to doing just that. If you’re interested in helping develop more features and enhancing the existing (and end up with another name), please contact me.

Download Prologuer v0.2. Read the README contained in the zip file for instructions.

I’m not a trained nor a professional developer, but I need to implement an idea and Prologuer is part of it.